Honeywell is an experienced, fully-qualified supplier of space microelectronics, ready to work with you to apply our capabilities to your programs. In 2006, Honeywell received Accreditation of Trust from the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA).

A Leading Source for Space Microelectronics

The Honeywell Trusted Foundry in Plymouth, Minnesota is in compliance with the latest DoD policy and has all of the processes in place to meet DoD space system requirements. This includes unclassified and classified IC design, wafer fab, assembly and test. Our capability includes 40,000 square feet of clean room for 6-inch wafer 0.8 /0.35 micron production; and 10,000 square feet clean room space for 8-inch wafer 150 nanometer production. QML certified quality systems are in place.

Proven Technology Leader

Honeywell's proprietary technology is built in our own trusted foundry. Submicron technologies include: Digital Silicon On Insulator (SOI) CMOS, Mixed Signal SOI CMOS, RF/Microwave SOI CMOS and High Temperature SOI CMOS. We are experienced in integrated circuit development and have a proven record of producing highly reliable electronics for military and aerospace applications.

Honeywell Wafer Foundry

Honeywell Trusted Foundry
12001 Highway 55
Plymouth, MN 55441